Green Lantern Wedding Ring with Modern Innovations

Green Lantern Wedding Ring for Sale

Green Lantern is known as a superhero who always wears a powerful ring as his secret weapon. This secret weapon ring becomes so famous among the society that many people wear it for some special moments in their life such as engagement and marriage. In the previous article, we have described the Green Lantern ring with its popular superhero logo. ... Read More »

Diamond Earring Studs for Fresher Daily Look

Diamond Earring Studs for Men

We have known some typical characteristics of stud, kind of earring. Well, in India, this simple kind of earring is generally made of yellow gold. That is studs in the East country. In the Western country, diamond earring studs are more popular with white gold as its main material than the yellow gold. In addition, the diamond studs are more ... Read More »

Gold Earring Designs for Indian Wedding Style

Gold Earring Designs for Girls

Have you ever been in India? Well, India is popular with its Hindi culture, exotic dance, movie and song. This Eastern country is also popular with its yellow gold mine. It is signed by large scale production of jewelry made of yellow gold in India. Gold earring is one of those Indian jewelry kinds. Various gorgeous gold earring designs are ... Read More »

Male Wedding Bands for Active Grooms

Male Wedding Bands Black

Men are generally famous with their macho and masculine character. Mostly, men are active people who always love freedom in their life. No wonder that this freedom atmosphere can be seen through their daily fashion style including accessory to support it. Male wedding bands are specifically made to match men’s nature character and personality. No wonder that the wedding ring ... Read More »

Promise Rings for Couples in Very Romantic Designs

Promise Rings for Couples Cheap

Meaning of promise rings may be different according to the giver and acceptor. Many dating couples buy the promise rings to tell their love feeling to each other. This promise ring can be worn as long as they are still on dating. But it doesn’t have deep feeling anymore when the wearers broke up. More serious relationship like marriage use ... Read More »

Big Engagement Rings Design to Inspire You

Big Engagement Rings for Cheap

Normally, as a human being, women want to show off whatever it is including their relationship with someone. This show time is commonly done by wearing a big promise band on their finger in order to people surrounding them realize it. Well, it doesn’t matter if you want like that since you are a famous person as like celebrity. Big ... Read More »

Unique Princess Cut Rings with Sparkling Diamond

Unique Princess Cut Rings Detail

Have you remember some details about Princess cut concept of ring? Well, anytime we are talking about this Princess cut, we should relate it with the application of diamond or other kinds of stone for the ring ornament. Diamond is one of the most favorite and popular stone which is commonly utilized as the ring embellishment. Basically, the Princess diamond ... Read More »

Black and White Wedding Bands Glorious Collections

Black and White Wedding Bands for Cheap

Promise ring definitely must be more special than other rings in your life. This special ring is completely designed to express your deep love feeling indeed. Black and white wedding bands collection is expected to make your wedding moment special. Furthermore, the black and white ring is specifically made as a couple rings set. Thus, both rings must be glorious ... Read More »

Irish Claddagh Ring Heart Design Concepts

Irish Claddagh Ring Heart Designs

As like Celtic ring collection, Irish has its own ring design concept to adore. Irish Claddagh ring heart is the most popular ring from Ireland. The concept of this Irish ring is very cute and unique. It is because there is a specific pattern which is usually applied on the ring. The ring is available in various materials such as ... Read More »

Black Wedding Bands from Tungsten Collection

Black Wedding Bands for Him and Her

Besides Tiffany, Tungsten is a popular wedding ring provider which is trusted to design so many wedding bands for men in gorgeous design and style. Black wedding bands are just some adorable collections from Tungsten that should be selected by you. As like the name, the wedding band is truly made of black gold and metal so that it looks ... Read More »