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Irish Claddagh Ring Heart Design Concepts

As like Celtic ring collection, Irish has its own ring design concept to adore. Irish Claddagh ring heart is the most popular ring from Ireland. The concept of this Irish ring is very cute and unique. It is because there is a specific pattern which is usually applied on the ring. The ring is available in various materials such as metal, gold and silver. The scheme of the ring is typically influenced by the precious stone application. For better explanation and imagination, let’s check some pictures below.

Irish Claddagh Ring Heart Designs

Generally, the Irish Claddagh ring heart has the same heart pattern as the focal point. But currently some designers try to modify it in order to it looks quite different from another. We can see the original Irish Claddagh heart shape in some pictures here. The ring band is slim as usual with two hands grabbing a heart shape with crown. The shape of hand and heart may be different depending on the designer. Sometimes, the hand is designed simply with carving detail to form the hand detail only. It means there is no modification to make the hand looks cozy or attractive. It is applied similarly on the heart shape with crown. The heart shape is made plainly without any detail or ornament. In this case, the heart is created by engraving the metal material of the ring. Nowadays, some interesting innovations are done by many creative designers.

Irish Claddagh Ring Heart Pictures

Irish Claddagh Ring Heart Images

Most designers replace the metal heart shape with heart shaped stone such as diamond, opal or sapphire. Another designer even changes the shape of the hand which grabbing the heart shape with crown. He or she replaces the hand with vine plant patterned metal which is grabbing the heart shaped stone with crown. The Irish Claddagh ring heart is definitely stylish to complete men and women appearance in any occasion. If you want to choose it as wedding ring, you can select this Irish heart ring for the bride’s ring model. Think as creative as possible to create a new Irish Claddagh heart ring trend for your stunning appearance. Furthermore, the Irish Claddagh ring is available to boost your confidence.

Irish Claddagh Ring Heart Samples

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