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Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings for Perfectionist Lady

Diamond is too usual for ring embellishment. Many people wear diamond ring as their love symbol or just for simple jewelry in certain occasional fashion style. As a perfectionist, you must want everything running perfectly as you wish especially the selection of a ring for engagement. We know that ideally your man who should find it for you. But it doesn’t matter if you take a part to help him in choosing a right engagement ring for the big day. Unique sapphire engagement rings will be perfectly suitable for your perfectionist character. This engagement ring is adorable with deep blue stone as ornament. In conclusion, the blue sapphire is extremely better than usual diamond since it is related to the engagement ring ornament concept.

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The first unique sapphire engagement rings idea adds white diamond to accompany the deep blue sapphire. As usual, the sapphire and diamond are arranged to appear as ring ornament. In this case, the deep blue sapphire has bigger dimension than both white diamonds. That’s why the sapphire is located between both diamonds. Those precious stones are grabbed by twelve prongs to fasten them on the ring as embellishment. Unlike both diamonds, the sapphire comes in oval shaped cut. Since it is bigger than both diamonds, the sapphire looks more eye-catching on your finger. The same stone combination concept is also incorporated on the second sapphire ring idea. This time, the third stones are cut in rectangular shape. As usual, the diamond is set in smaller dimension than the sapphire stone. And to cover the ring band, Both sapphire and diamond are arranged horizontally.

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Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings Design

The last but not the least is unique sapphire engagement rings idea with Art Deco detail. Basically, a simple round band is used as basic shape of the ring. Additional piece is added on the platform as a location where the Art Deco pattern is installed. Plant detail like leaves and flower is displayed crystal clearly on this platform piece. And finally, three stones are installed as ring embellishment on this Art Deco patterned platform. A big round shaped sapphire is placed between two smaller white diamond grains as the ring final furnishing.

Unique Sapphire Engagement Rings Styles

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