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Etsy Art Deco Engagement Ring for Gothic Theme

Etsy is well-known as ring provider which always sells many exclusive rings in different elegant designs to choose. Etsy Art Deco engagement ring is one of those exclusive rings collections. The best concept which comes with this engagement ring from Etsy is the Art Deco style. As like solitaire, Art Deco is a kind of carving detail which is commonly applied along the ring band as decoration. The difference between solitaire and Art Deco detail is the detail pattern. Solitaire brings more patterns or motifs in abstract style, whereas Art Deco offers plant, curly and spiral line to decorate your exclusive engagement ring. Both detail styles are attractive and creative. But in conclusion, the Art Deco wins the pattern style from the solitaire. It is because the Art Deco offers more alternative patterns to choose than the solitaire style.

Etsy Art Deco Engagement Ring Design

Let’s see fourth Etsy Art Deco engagement ring ideas in this article. The first ring picture shows us an old fashioned ring with sparkling blue diamond in hexagon cut as the ornament. The vintage concept of this ring is displayed clearly from the application of a big platform on the topping area. The ring band is designed wider when it comes nearer to the topping. Silver scheme with little yellow gold accent brings much historical nuance on this old fashioned style ring. In addition, this ring has Art Deco detail almost on the entire part of it including topping, round band and even internal side of the band. Hexagon frame is installed to surround the hexagon blue diamond on the topping. And we can find fan shaped detail made of yellow gold guarding on both sides of the diamond stone.

Etsy Art Deco Engagement Ring Images

Etsy Art Deco Engagement Ring Ideas

Another picture of the Etsy Art Deco engagement ring is simpler than the first one. This time, the Art Deco concept is displayed elegantly by the application of curling line on the ring band. Well, this simple ring is basically made of yellow gold with three small diamond grains arranged in vertical line. Every point of the gold band touches the tip of the vertical diamond grains arrangement. Thus, finally, we find that the ring band connected properly in attractive way.

Etsy Art Deco Engagement Rings

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