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Army Boots for Women in Active Spring

Army Boots for Women 2013

Boots are a kind of shoes with high top. This kind of shoes comes in several versions according to the height including ankle and knee boots. Boots are generally made of leather and rubber. In the past, this type of shoes is typically worn only in certain occasion such as riding horse, riding motorcycle, hard work in the farm or ... Read More »

Tall Timberland Boots for Western Fashion look

Tall Timberland Boots for Kids

Western fashion style is very popular especially in countryside area like Texas. Nowadays, this style becomes universal around the world. It means it is worn anywhere no matter what the area is. Even currently we can find people who wear the western fashion look in the city. Talking about this American legendary fashion style, the western fashion style will not ... Read More »

Shoes Drawing Designs and Sketches

Shoes drawing Designs Coloring Page

Similar with dress designer, every shoes designer and maker also need shoes drawing designs and sketches before manufacturing the real shoes. The sketch is basically beneficial to help the shoes maker in creating the shoes properly and correctly based on the order. The sketch is also essential to give us a first image about the shoes would look like. Drawing ... Read More »

Loose Wedge Boots the Inspirational Footwear for autumn

Loose Wedge Boots Collection

Boots are kind of close shoes which is designed with higher shape. This kind of shoes is typically worn in fall and winter. Of course the function of shoes as footwear is to keep you warm in both cold seasons when you are going outside. The boots itself is generally made with heel no matter how high it is. The ... Read More »

Dress Winter Boots Men Ideas for Any Fashion Code

Dress Winter Boots Men Collection

Well, talking about winter, this cold season must require some kinds of warm dresses including dress winter boots men as common footwear. However, if you have some plans to go outside during the winter, footwear is a must to protect your feet from cold and any discomfort feeling like feet numbing. Multifarious winter boots for men are very attractive to ... Read More »

Armani Shoes Men 2013 Collection

Armani Shoes Men 2013 for Sale

Besides dresses, pants, T-shirts, belts, wallets, bags and sunglasses, a pair of shoes is a fashion style complement of man. This kind of fashion accessories is typically worn as footwear. It is functional to complete your appearance no matter what the fashion style is such as formal, smart casual, casual or many more. Today, Armani shoes men 2013 collection carry ... Read More »