Cotton Summer Dresses in Causal and Formal Occasion

Cotton Summer Dresses on Sale

Cotton is well-known as the most comfortable fabric for any clothes. This fabric is actually similar with linen. This fabric has special features which make the wearer warm and fresh while wearing it. Cotton has thicker and tighter pores to allow good air articulation between inside and outside part of cotton clothes. In addition, the cotton has smooth surface which ... Read More »

Summer Dresses for Juniors with Cheerful Motifs

Summer Dresses for Juniors 2013

Are you a mother of two daughters? One of your daughters is still a kid, while another is a beautiful teenager. Why don’t you ask them to be more stylish in summer? As their mother, you should be a trendsetter, fashion adviser and even designer for them. Summer dresses for juniors seem very rich in options. It is a right ... Read More »

Casual Summer Dresses Innovation for Lady

Casual Summer Dresses 2013

Casual summer dresses are informal clothing ideas which are typically worn in summer. They are also designed to match summer season condition. To be fashionable during summer, women must aware what they are wearing everyday though it is not for formal or office wear. Casual summer clothing ideas may be very smart as you wish since you know the way ... Read More »

Summer Dresses for Weddings as Pretty Guests

Summer Dresses for Weddings 2013

Being prettier and cuter than usual seems something usual which is commonly felt by every woman in the world. And commonly this thought comes when she is going to attend at a party either formal or informal such as wedding. Since we are going to face summer, dressing as a guest at a wedding party must be considered well. Of ... Read More »

Retro Vintage Swimsuit for Special Summer Beach Style

Retro Vintage Swimsuit Collection

Retro is within 1940’s – 1980’s. In this period of time, conservative fashion style is still available. Although most women have worn mini dress, classic fashion style is still displayed well in this period. It means with that modern development, the fashion style is still designed in conservative detail to keep the politeness among the society. Well, retro fashion style ... Read More »

Long Hair Messy Updos Easy for Formal Occasion

Long Hair Messy Updos Easy 2013

Are you invited to come in a formal party of your friend or colleague? Have you prepared what you want top wear there? Well, a long or short dress can be relatively efficient for you. This dress also should be completed by high heel shoes and a handbag or purse. A set of jewelry seems stunning to match your formal ... Read More »

Long Hair Mohawk Updos for Punk Girl

Long Hair Mohawk Updos 2013

The latest fashion development offers numerous fashion style ideas to accept or decline. Well, fortunately, most young women in this modern era always accept this change of fashion style. No wonder that we can find so many fashion styles found around the world worn by everybody. Punk fashion style is one of youngest fashion trend. It is identical with metallic ... Read More »

Long Hair Updos Messy for Sexy Lady

Long Hair Updos Messy 2013

Are you a single man? Do you have a big or little sister at home? If you do, try to look at them when they just woke up in the morning. What did you see? You must see messy hair framing their oily face with sleepy half open eyes. Do you think that they are sexy? Well, when you have ... Read More »

Grecian Updos Long Hair for Goddess Hairstyle

Grecian Updos Long Hair 2013

Have you ever known about Greek? The Grecian or Greek people in some movies are always described in white dress and dry leaves worn in their head. If you are thinking about goddess, Greek is where they come from. Grecian updos long hair style is very popular as Goddess hairstyle. Many women prefer to wear this hairstyle especially at wedding, ... Read More »

Gothic Updos Long Hair Female Style Ideas

Gothic Updos Long Hair 2013

Everything is going to be dark in gothic themed wedding. Well, mysterious accent is very expected to apply in this kind of wedding style. No wonder that most Emo or gothic bridals are always identical in black and sometimes red. Of course this dark concept also influences some aspects found at the wedding such as wedding dress, suits, decoration, makeup ... Read More »