Black Vinyl Mini Skirt for Clubbing

Black Vinyl Mini Skirt 2013

Clubbing seems to be a cheerful and enjoyable party every night. Well, everybody knows that clubbing and hard liquid is inseparable. But it doesn’t matter if we can keep ourselves from any bad habit while doing this clubbing time. Appearing as an adult woman must force us to be up to date about all things surrounding us. And we can ... Read More »

Long Prom Dresses One Shoulder for Wider Top Owners

Long Prom Dresses One Shoulder Designs

Plus size dress is provided purposely for people who have bigger body shape. Bigger dresses size is available to help us matching it with our bigger shape. In fact, we were born on the earth with different appearance no matter what. Sometimes, we are skinny in certain parts of body, but we also have bigger bottom or wider shoulders than ... Read More »

Long Prom Dresses Open Back for Hot Ladies

Long Prom Dresses Open Back 2013

Long prom dresses open back perhaps can be chosen by women who want to look extremely hot. Well, being a sexy woman factually doesn’t require many aspects to consider. In addition, we don’t need less fabric to show too much skin of yours. Long dress is even able to make you perfectly hot since it was designed in the right ... Read More »

High Neck Long Prom Dresses in Contemporary Look

High Neck Long Prom Dresses 2013

High neck long prom dresses don’t have to appear with long sleeves. In this recent era, this kind of prom gown is not conservative at all. Although the basic concept of it is high neck cut to keep the politeness in the society as like in the past era, the high neck dress for prom lately applies contemporary detail to ... Read More »

Mint Green Long Prom Dresses with Low Back

Mint green Long Prom Dresses 2013

In summer, ice mint seems very fresh and cool to enjoy. This fact is similar with the application of mint green long prom dresses at hot prom night party. Why don’t we try that? Generally, mint green prom dress is probably made of chiffon. The chiffon must be completed by the vertical gaps detail to bright your slim shape. In ... Read More »

Long Prom Dresses Mermaid for Feminine Lady

Long Prom Dresses Mermaid Designs

Long prom dresses mermaid is well-known as fit and flare prom dress. The fit cut is usually applied on the top part of dress, whereas the flare is applied on the skirt part. In general, the mermaid dress is seen through its basic concept which looks like a fish tail shape. Have you ever seen a mermaid at least in ... Read More »

Long Grecian Prom Dresses on Red Carpet

Long Grecian Prom Dresses 2013

Long Grecian prom dresses seem very popular among many outstanding celebrities in the world. Some beautiful celebrities like Megan Fox even have ever worn the Greek style dress on red carpet. Well, the Grecian gown definitely appears in various design concepts. Therefore, it is better to know at least two of them so that we can appear as beautiful as ... Read More »

Long Ball Gown Prom Dresses in Classic Style

Long Ball Gown Prom Dresses 2013

Do you remember Cinderella? Well, perhaps we can take some examples of Disney Princess look. Most of them appear beautifully in ball gown dress. In this case, the ball gown dress is a famous dress cut especially within 1700’s. The characteristic of this dress cut is its flared bubble skirt surrounding your legs. To contrast the flared skirt, the top ... Read More »

Long Glitter Prom Dresses to Make You Enthusiastic

Long Glitter Prom Dresses Images

Glitter is a kind of powder which is sparkle when it is spread on surface of something. This sparkle powder type is actually made of special soft sand which is combined with glitter paper in tiny size. The application of glitter may be found almost in anything including fashion. Long glitter prom dresses seem to be a great media to ... Read More »

Long Prom Dresses Gold in Satin and Silk

Long Prom Dresses Gold 2013

Satin and silk seems perfect to create long prom dresses gold. It is because the gold and both high qualified and expensive fabrics are inseparable. Well, of course inseparable thing of them is their quality. Gold, silk and satin are just like precious combination for something special named a prom dress. Why don’t we see some samples of silk and ... Read More »