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Custom Camo Wedding Rings for Exclusive Ring Ideas

It is still about ring for bridal. This time, we are going to discuss more about wedding ring in camo or camouflage style. Do you still remember the basic term of it? Well, camo ring is typically designed with camouflage motif applied on the external surface of the ring band. The camo ring is identical with army style because of its motif style. The camo wedding ring is usually in mossy or wet tone of color such as mossy green, brown, black and other natural scheme. Nowadays, we can make our custom camo wedding rings for exclusive bridal ring idea. It means the design of ring can be made as desire. It is a kind of personalized project actually.

Custom Camo Wedding Rings 2013

And the custom camo wedding rings will be designed elegantly as you wish for indeed. Currently, camouflage motif comes in many different pattern style and shape. We can choose one of them to beautify your camo wedding ring. For example, we may choose camo motif which is dominated by dry branches rather than leaves. Or we may also combine both branch and leaf patterns on the wedding ring with custom camouflage idea. Clarity level of the camouflage pattern is truly different from one to another. In this case, we should consult with the expert in order to get the best wedding ring design with appropriate camo pattern clarity. Meanwhile, you must have seen the surface of wet tree stalk, mustn’t you? In a picture here, there is a white gold wedding ring with wet stalk camo pattern covering the middle part of the band.

Custom Camo Wedding Rings Images

Custom Camo Wedding Rings Ideas

As usual, ring will not complete with no embellishment including the custom camo wedding rings. We can add a kind of precious stone to be an eye catching ornament on the ring such as diamond or sapphire. And then we can match the color of camo motif with the stone. Why don’t we try to apply blue and green accent on the camo motif to match the Tiffany blue stone on the ring ornament? The ring must look so stunning. Or we can be so exiting by applying pink or orange scheme on the personalized camouflage ring.

Custom Camo Wedding Rings Patterns

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