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Etsy Engagement Rings Collection in Vintage Concept

Spring is typically identical with blooming flowers and warm sunlight. At the time like this, it is better to have an outdoor engagement party for a romantic couple. And this spring engagement moment should be supported by wearing one of Etsy engagement rings collection in vintage concept. Vintage ring concept seems prettier than modern or contemporary ring style for spring engagement party. There will be many models of engagement ring in vintage concept provided by Etsy for this spring 2013. Some of the, are exclusively showed in this article just for you. Let’s check them out here.

Etsy Engagement Rings 2013

The Etsy engagement rings collection in vintage concept commonly incorporates several models to choose. The most general model of vintage ring by Etsy comes in thin or slim round band. That band is usually designed to reflect feminine character of the wearer indirectly. This slim round band is available in various shapes. The first shape allows this band covered by diamond grains. In other words, there will be no a big stone installed as topping besides those grains. Another shape of slim vintage ring is typically made of gold. This slim gold ring doesn’t have any stone to decorate it. There will be artistic detail which is carved beautifully to cover the whole length of the ring band. And that becomes the main concept of this second vintage ring shape. On the other hand, both shapes are combined to create a very adorable vintage engagement ring by Etsy. The slim ring band is still covered by some tiny diamond grains. And then a big round shaped platform is installed as the topping of ring.

Etsy Engagement Rings Vintage

Etsy Engagement Rings Rose Gold

This big round platform contains of a big round diamond on the middle. And then it is framed by carving details which dominate the platform piece. The Etsy engagement rings collection in vintage concept is also available in solitaire and Art Deco detail. One of both detail styles is installed along the external surface of the ring band. And finally, the vintage ring is beautified by the application of a big round Rose cut diamond as the final embellishment.

Etsy Engagement Rings Images

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