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Must Have Moisturizers During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not an excuse to deprive yourself of the luxuries you deserve. In fact, it is actually the opposite; you need to treat yourself to the max so you are all healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy and can welcome your new born with a gorgeous, glowing face. When it comes to moisturizers and pregnancy, then normal moisturizers must be avoided as you are experiencing a sensitive time, which requires you to be free from nasty acids and chemicals. Below are the top five moisturizers for all women who are undergoing pregnancy and wish to stay safe and beautiful at the same time.

Makeup and Moisturizers for Pregnant Women

Moisturizer 1

Avent Future Mother Indulgent Body Cream can be purchased at a low cost and works wonders. It is fragrance-free and provides the finest ultimate skin hydration.

Moisturizer 2

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Mother Balm is rich in fatty acids; these are vital for continuing skin elasticity. This results in fewer stretch marks, which is something we all want few of when pregnant! It is fragrance-free, which is a bonus as you will look lovely without experiencing any heavy smells; these must be avoided especially during the first few months of pregnancy.

Moisturizer 3

Angelique Mother and Baby Moisturising Cream is ever so loveable as it is designed with both mother and baby in mind. This means as soon as your little one arrives they can use it too; so you both can share a lovely treat together. It works beautifully if either you or your little one needs a relaxing massage.

Moisturizer 4

Mama Mio Wonderful Balm is another wonderful pregnancy moisturizer that assists with the horrible itching patches, which are caused by the stretching skin. The cream is adaptable and can also be used on cuticles and damaged lips; so you can handle your baby with extreme care and softness.


Moisturizer 5

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter is from a brand that is famous for its honey-based products. With this moisturiser you also get a lovely soft honey scent. It consists of a thick texture, which rapidly sinks into the skin; leaving no signs of grease or oil. It is ideal for assisting an itchy belly, which you are likely to experience as your baby grows.

Now you know your pregnancy moisturizes, be sure to treat yourself and the little one to this luxury!

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