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Boho Style Clothing the Unique Free Fashion Look

Different with ideal fashion style in casual look, boho style clothing concepts seem very pretty to wear. Don’t you know the boho style? Boho is also known as bohemian style. It involves such a free style in dressing. Women and men fashion style will look unique in this fashion concept. It is because the boho style is quite well-known with its enjoyable concept which typically appears naturally. No wonder that many people prefer to wear this free style fashion to look happy in natural way especially during spring and summer.

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Well, the boho style clothing incorporates many kinds of clothes to combine. Those clothes include top, bottom, footwear, jewelry and many more accessory such as hat, bag and sunglasses. Let’s see some combination ideas of the boho fashion style here. The first boho fashion idea offers the great combination of a pair of jeans and casual elbow-length girl blouse. The jeans come in dark blue scheme with skinny model to emphasize your long legs. The blouse is in white with stylish low-V-neck to show little part of your cleavage. This boho clothes combination looks very casual with velvet black ankle boots and tassel surrounding your ankles. To complete this casual dress, a big striped belt with a big silver buckle is worn.  Large handbag looks very suitable to match the belt and your blonde long hair. It will be better if you also wear big black sunglasses to complete this funky boho fashion style.

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Dress or one piece is another alternative to represent the boho style clothing. Mostly, the bohemian dresses come with loose accent. It means the dress is intentionally designed in A-line cut with stylish loose detail on the end of skirt, sleeves and neckline. The color of dress must be dominated in neutral scheme such as brown, white and cream. Leather brown boots no matter how high it is still becomes a great option to complete this boho dress style. T-shirt with long sleeves cut may be the simplest choice for your top clothes. It should be combined with sleeveless vest to bring much bohemian accent in purpose. Don’t forget to wear a hat as your headpiece.

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