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Bohemian Clothing Style Combination Ideas

Bohemian clothing style is very popular as one of free style fashion ideas. It offers unique and exotic pattern or motif that typically dominates your clothes. In addition, the bohemian or boho fashion style is very trendy to reflect spring and fall fashion mode. It is quite friendly for everybody including teenagers, adult women and men and elders. The essential aspect that should be considered here is the application of boho clothing mixing and matching. And we are going to learn them in this article.

Bohemian Clothing Style 2013

Well, try the bohemian clothing style if you want to look so exotic during the spring, summer and fall then. Let’s start the boho clothing combination from patterned dress. The bohemian patterned dress is available in short and longer length. Both dresses are typically dominated by floral, plants, complicated pattern or motif. Meanwhile, the bohemian clothing is typically identical with neutral color scheme such as white, ivory, brown, black, maroon and other dark colors. The boho dress is typically designed modestly with A-line dress cut. A picture below shows a short black dress with white line pattern. This black dress comes with long trumpet sleeves and round neckline cut. This dress is made of smooth fabric so that it flows loosely following your shape. Another picture shows an elegant patterned short dress. This gown uses white as background color. And then some big motifs are drawn to decorate this boho sleeveless short dress cutely. In general, the boho dress has similar look like tribal dress with those big patterns.

Bohemian Clothing Style for Women

Bohemian Clothing Style Designs

Do you know Genie pants? Well, this pant has equal design concept of legging with loose texture to wrap your legs. The Genie pant has tight cut on certain parts such as end of pants and waist area. Balloon accent is applied to give such exotic accent of Arabian on you. And with complicated and artistic pattern applied on it, the Genie pant is always perfect to reflect the bohemian clothing style. In this unique pant style, we can wear loose patterned sheer T-shirt with big round neckline. And then wear long pendant wooden necklace and some bracelets as accessory.

Bohemian Clothing Style Men

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