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Tension Set Engagement Rings in Online Jewelry Stores

According to the latest technology development, we have been able to taste the easiness in doing something including shopping and browsing. Well, therefore, it is such an easy way to get your engagement ring set. There are numerous stores which can be visited in the city. Unfortunately, it must be so troublesome when you didn’t have enough time to do it. Online shopping can be a good solution for this condition. In this case, a set of engagement ring can be purchased without visiting the jewelry store directly. Of course the process will be so easy and quick. At this rate, we are even able to find and choose one of various models of rings offered by the online store such as tension set engagement rings.

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The tension set engagement rings must be certainly unfamiliar in your ears. The name of tension set is actually taken from the design concept of the ring itself. Well, the tension describes the way of how the diamond or ornament stone is installed on the ring platform. Some pictures in this article seem enough to help you in imagining it. Mostly, the tension set rings have a precious stone nipped off two points of the band. The way to nip the stone off is probably different from one to another. The most modern style offers simpler look yet sophisticated on the way of the stone is nipped off. The thick band points are arranged to nip off a diamond or other precious stone in the middle. They look as like a cracked bridge with a big rock stuck between them. In this case, the cracked bridge is made as tidy and smooth as possible. Thus, the engagement ring looks elegant and exclusive.

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The shape of the precious stone may be different from each other. In some pictures, we find that mostly the tension set engagement rings come with round shaped stone as ornament. On other side, there is a ring with tension set concept that applies rhomboid shaped diamond as ornament. The tension set arrangement is quite unique and different from the others. It is because the rhomboid stone is nipped in zigzag setting. It does look stylish, doesn’t it?

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