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Amethyst Engagement Rings in Purple Accent

In the previous ring article, we have discussed and described some models of green amethyst rings. The green amethyst is certainly not too bright as like turquoise. It even looks very pale in semi transparent green scheme. But in fact, the green amethyst can win the beauty competition between amethyst and emerald ring for engagement and wedding. Currently, we are going to describe some models of purple amethyst engagement rings. Unlike the green amethyst, the purple amethyst has perfect deep purple stone accent to adore. And we agree that this engagement rings idea will be more eye-catching than the pale green amethyst.

Amethyst Engagement Rings for Women

Following the newest trend of fashion jewelry, the amethyst engagement rings come in many adorable models to choose. Heart shaped purple amethyst is the newest collection in 2013. Well, as like heart shaped diamond, the deep purple amethyst stone is designed and formed into this love symbol shape. The heart amethyst is designed smoothly with arc edges and perfect angles. With three main prongs and two more prongs on every side of the heart shaped amethyst, the engagement ring stays durable and strong for long term wearing. That’s why we can still wear the engagement ring though you have married. Two white diamond grains are attached on each side of the amethyst stone. Those diamonds are useful to neutral the deep purple scheme of the amethyst stone. We can say that your engagement ring will be more glorious with both precious colored stones combination.

Amethyst Engagement Rings White Gold

Amethyst Engagement Rings Meaning

Two more alternative designs of the amethyst engagement rings in purple are very unusual and innovative. We can directly see both rings’ design in the pictures. At least there is a purple amethyst ring which applies pillow shaped amethyst here. This ring is very modest with a very big pillow shaped purple amethyst. Some white diamond grains are arranged to frame this pillow shaped amethyst. Finally, we can also see the grains on the external side of the round band as ornaments. In conclusion, this white gold amethyst ring is simple yet exclusive with that diamond grains application. However, you only have to check your budget before purchasing the engagement ring.

Amethyst Engagement Rings UK

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