Jeans Jacket for Women for Dress and Jumpsuit

Jeans Jacket for Women 2013

Jeans are very outstanding in fashion world. This blue clothing comes in pant, short, skirt, coat and even jacket to complete your fashion collection. Jeans jacket for women are what we will discuss in this article. As usual, the jeans are always related to casual fashion style. No wonder that the jeans jacket is used to represent the casual style. ... Read More »

Boys Camo Cargo Pants with Real Camouflage Motifs

Boys Camo Cargo Pants Army

Cargo pant is certainly popular as casual bottom collection. It is because most men wear in casual occasion. They prefer to wear it because the cargo pant is trendy yet quite comfortable to wear in enjoyable time at home or even anywhere outside the house. Talking about cargo pant, it must be identical with camouflage motifs. If you remember, the ... Read More »

Bohemian Clothing Style Combination Ideas

Bohemian Clothing Style 2013

Bohemian clothing style is very popular as one of free style fashion ideas. It offers unique and exotic pattern or motif that typically dominates your clothes. In addition, the bohemian or boho fashion style is very trendy to reflect spring and fall fashion mode. It is quite friendly for everybody including teenagers, adult women and men and elders. The essential ... Read More »

Shiny Metallic Shorts for Disco Time

Shiny Metallic Shorts 2013

Besides shiny skinny jeans, shiny metallic shorts may be a good choice to complete your clubbing fashion style. If jeans look too long covering your legs, the shiny shorts with metallic scheme give much chance to show your fair legs. Of course it has the same effect as like other mini clubbing skirt and dress which usually works in this ... Read More »

Shiny Disco Jeans in Your Casual Fashion Collection

Shiny Disco Jeans 2013

Shiny disco jeans have the same texture and design concept as like legging. Well, legging is known as elastic or span pants which commonly worn as internal pants under a short or midi dress. Now, there is another funky clubbing pant for you. It comes with a great combination of legging and jeans. Actually, in general, the shiny jeans are ... Read More »

Black Vinyl Mini Skirt for Clubbing

Black Vinyl Mini Skirt 2013

Clubbing seems to be a cheerful and enjoyable party every night. Well, everybody knows that clubbing and hard liquid is inseparable. But it doesn’t matter if we can keep ourselves from any bad habit while doing this clubbing time. Appearing as an adult woman must force us to be up to date about all things surrounding us. And we can ... Read More »

Long Prom Dresses One Shoulder for Wider Top Owners

Long Prom Dresses One Shoulder Designs

Plus size dress is provided purposely for people who have bigger body shape. Bigger dresses size is available to help us matching it with our bigger shape. In fact, we were born on the earth with different appearance no matter what. Sometimes, we are skinny in certain parts of body, but we also have bigger bottom or wider shoulders than ... Read More »

Long Prom Dresses Open Back for Hot Ladies

Long Prom Dresses Open Back 2013

Long prom dresses open back perhaps can be chosen by women who want to look extremely hot. Well, being a sexy woman factually doesn’t require many aspects to consider. In addition, we don’t need less fabric to show too much skin of yours. Long dress is even able to make you perfectly hot since it was designed in the right ... Read More »

High Neck Long Prom Dresses in Contemporary Look

High Neck Long Prom Dresses 2013

High neck long prom dresses don’t have to appear with long sleeves. In this recent era, this kind of prom gown is not conservative at all. Although the basic concept of it is high neck cut to keep the politeness in the society as like in the past era, the high neck dress for prom lately applies contemporary detail to ... Read More »

Mint Green Long Prom Dresses with Low Back

Mint green Long Prom Dresses 2013

In summer, ice mint seems very fresh and cool to enjoy. This fact is similar with the application of mint green long prom dresses at hot prom night party. Why don’t we try that? Generally, mint green prom dress is probably made of chiffon. The chiffon must be completed by the vertical gaps detail to bright your slim shape. In ... Read More »