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High Neck Long Prom Dresses in Contemporary Look

High neck long prom dresses don’t have to appear with long sleeves. In this recent era, this kind of prom gown is not conservative at all. Although the basic concept of it is high neck cut to keep the politeness in the society as like in the past era, the high neck dress for prom lately applies contemporary detail to make it wonderful. Some dresses below are shown to you in purpose for your prom dress inspiration. Let’s check their contemporary trend below.

High Neck Long Prom Dresses 2013

The main concept of the high neck long prom dresses is located on the neckline. Most high neck gowns come in round neckline cut. And it is typically set to tightly surround the base of your neck. Well, this high neck cut is definitely too not comfortable especially if the dress has long sleeves to match this old fashioned gown style. Luckily, today, the high neck prom gown appears elegantly in sleeveless cut. One of the pictures here displays a very beautiful high neck dress for your prom night party. It is available in neutral color scheme, light grey. Without looking at the high neck application, this grey dress is basically designed as floor-length A-line dress with low V-neck and sleeveless cut to match them. This dress also appears with low back cut to match the low V-neck cut on the front side. And finally the round high neck is applied surrounding your base neck. Some sparkling chains are arranged to connect the high neck to the low back and V-neck cut of the dress. Those metallic chains are arranged horizontally to wrap your chest over to the back.

High Neck Long Prom Dresses Styles

High Neck Long Prom Dresses Pictures

The second high neck long prom dresses come with irresistible silver glitter spreading on the entire parts of the dresses. Generally, this dress applies mermaid cut with halter neckline. Round high neck cut looks perfect to reflect what we are discussing right now. And this round high neck is adorable with sparkling grey glitter covering it. As like other halter gown, this prom dress has unique halter detail covering the front top side of the gown. It involves small vertical hole to show your cleavage as finishing touch.

High Neck Long Prom Dresses Ideas

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