Tight Mini Dress for Hot and Sexy Club Women

Tight mini dress is the most recommended dress style to wear for clubbing. The tight concept of dress shows your asset amazingly. The asset includes your slim and hot body of course. Well, we know that tight dress with mini length is quite not suitable for formal occasion. But in general, this kind of clubbing dress is able to wear ... Read More »

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for Hot Woman

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights 2013

Hairstyle is another fashion topic which is often talked about in the society especially by women. Well, the hairstyle is not always related with hair cut or hair type arrangement. It is also related to the innovation of hair which is typically applied to fresher someone’s appearance. Hair dying and highlight are two innovation ideas which are recommended for more ... Read More »

20 Gram Gold Necklace Designs for Party Jewelry

No matter how much carat that consists on the gold, 20 gram gold necklace designs seem always attractive to stare between your fashionable appearances. Well, 20 gram of gold necklace is definitely too much for certain women who want to appear simpler. It is because the 20 gram gold necklace especially in yellow gold will look very heavy and eye ... Read More »

Peacock Feathers Tattoos and Its Wonderful Meanings

Tattoo is kind of a pattern or picture which is typically attached on skin. Nowadays, tattoo is just like an accessory in fashion world. Every human being even has a right to wear tattoos on his or her body. Generally, people can go to tattoo maker or artist who can give much recommendation for the tattoo and attach it directly ... Read More »

Red Velvet Hair Color Ideas for Brave Girls

Have you ever seen or touched velvet? Well, velvet is kind of high qualified fabric which has very smooth texture. Velvet is usually used to make dress, jacket, pants and boots. Various color options appear as another feature of velvet such as red velvet to reflect the elegance. Currently, red velvet scheme is also applied as hair color innovation on ... Read More »

Wrap Over Style Dresses for Gorgeous Bridesmaid

According to the tradition of wedding in many countries, bridesmaid existence is crucial during the bridal procession. The role of bridesmaid is accompanying bride while walking into the altar and see the sacral procession of wedding vows in the altar. In this case, as like the bride, those bridesmaids must wear a dress which is suitable with the wedding theme. ... Read More »

Hermes Men Belt Collection for Classy Gentlemen

As like Prada, Hermes offers many exclusive fashion products to keep you fashionable and elegant. However, Hermes has been so popular recently around the world. No wonder that most fashion observers know this outstanding brand for some fashion items including Hermes belt men. Well, in general, branded product usually has a specific symbol to tell us the brand name. Hermes ... Read More »

Outfits with Leggings Inspiration to Try

Legging is known as a pair of tight pants which is designed to wear under a dress. Basically, the legging has quite similar texture as like stocking but it is a bit thicker than the stocking. Furthermore, the legging is easier to wear than the stocking. Nowadays, many women wear legging freely to reflect any fashion style including formal. Unfortunately, ... Read More »

Short Dresses for Girls in Cocktail Party

Cocktail hour seems too pleasant to leave. In this party, we can enrich our social skill with so many people surrounding us who also appear in the party. There will be several options of menu which are available in every nook of room. Walking from a place to another place without any distraction is a goal in this party concept. ... Read More »

Form Fitting Lace Wedding Dress for Slim Bride

Most brides want to appear elegantly in their big day. Due to that fact, various kinds of gown for wedding are selected to match the brides’ style and desire. Form fitting lace wedding dress is one of those luxurious gown models for wedding. This gown for bridal is perfect to represent such classy look of the bride. Lace becomes one ... Read More »