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Long Ball Gown Prom Dresses in Classic Style

Do you remember Cinderella? Well, perhaps we can take some examples of Disney Princess look. Most of them appear beautifully in ball gown dress. In this case, the ball gown dress is a famous dress cut especially within 1700’s. The characteristic of this dress cut is its flared bubble skirt surrounding your legs. To contrast the flared skirt, the top area of the dress is designed in fit line. And it starts from the waist to the neckline part. In the past, the ball gown dress is usually completed by long sleeves cut with trumpet style, high collar and very tight waist cut. Lately, those conservative touches are decreased. And we will discuss this modern idea of long ball gown prom dresses below.

Long Ball Gown Prom Dresses 2013

Unlike the classic long ball gown dress style, currently the long ball gown prom dresses come in more modern and innovative design concept. It is able to see from the application of strapless neckline rather than square or round neckline with long sleeves. The ball gown dress cut is usually made naturally using smooth material like taffeta, linen or tulle. Tulle is the most popular material which is typically used to make the ball gown skirt flaring elegantly. Tulle is a kind of transparent fabric which has smooth texture with bigger pores than standard linen. Since tulle was quite transparent, it is commonly only used as basic skirt cover. The long prom dress in ball gown style is available in various color schemes. And for fresher night, it is effective to choose mint colored dress. The strapless neckline is combined with corset back closure. This bodice touch gives such sexy and feminine accent onto the mint prom dress.

Long Ball Gown Prom Dresses Ideas

Long Ball Gown Prom Dresses Styles

The long ball gown prom dresses probably become more elegant with Hilo cut. This high on front and low on the back cut is very famous among the teenagers. And flared ball gown dress will perfectly look very elegant with this unique cut. Taffeta is used to give heavier accent on this ball gown skirt. Thus, your pretty Hilo skirt will not float suddenly when the wind blown it out.

Long Ball Gown Prom Dresses for Women

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