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Long Glitter Prom Dresses to Make You Enthusiastic

Glitter is a kind of powder which is sparkle when it is spread on surface of something. This sparkle powder type is actually made of special soft sand which is combined with glitter paper in tiny size. The application of glitter may be found almost in anything including fashion. Long glitter prom dresses seem to be a great media to apply this sparkling powder. In addition, the glittered dress may attract more attention from people surrounding you during the prom party. Now, let’s see the way of how the glitter is applied onto the prom dress. Of course the glitter application must be very interesting to know.

Long Glitter Prom Dresses Images

The first long glitter prom dresses come in baby blue. This dress is intentionally designed for sexy woman who have a perfect hourglass shape. In basic point of view, the baby blue dress appears in very simple design concept. We are able to see it clearly through the strapless long sheath dress cut applied on this prom dress. To reflect much of the dress sexiness, high cut line is applied along the right side of skirt. It is functional to display your fair leg when you were walking in it. Sweetheart neckline is another method to bring much sexy scent onto this simple sheath dress. And then finally, silver glitter powder is spread on almost whole parts of the dress either front or back side. In this case, the silver glitter is not attached on the dress surface randomly. This glitter embellishment is specifically attached on the dress based on arc patterns. The arc lines are drawn firstly on the whole surface of dress. And then it is covered by the silver glitter as finishing.

Long Glitter Prom Dresses 2013

Long Glitter Prom Dresses Styles

Another long glitter prom dresses model is quite simpler than the arc patterned dress above. It is basically designed in flared A-line cut with one shoulder strap. This white dress is made of sheer chiffon. There is only litter embellishment which is attached to beautify this white gown. And it is located on the front left side under the one shoulder strap. Artistic pattern is applied before the silver glitter is spread on.

Long Glitter Prom Dresses Ideas

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