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Long Grecian Prom Dresses on Red Carpet

Long Grecian prom dresses seem very popular among many outstanding celebrities in the world. Some beautiful celebrities like Megan Fox even have ever worn the Greek style dress on red carpet. Well, the Grecian gown definitely appears in various design concepts. Therefore, it is better to know at least two of them so that we can appear as beautiful as the celebrity in this exotic Goddess dress style. In general design style, the Grecian dress has a simple concept. It comes mostly in sheath or straight-off dress cut with fit waist line.

Long Grecian Prom Dresses 2013

It applies floor-length dress cut with or without high cut detail on the skirt. Most long Grecian prom dresses incorporate strapless, tank top and one shoulder strap style. Those three strap styles are always suitable to reflect the Greek gown characteristic. In a picture here, there is a maroon Greek dress which is made of chiffon. As like usual, the chiffon has unique vertical pleated or gap details to emphasize your shape line. This time, this chiffon dress comes in strapless model with empire waist cut. Don’t you know that the empire waist cut is very suitable for maternity? Thus, it will be perfect for you who have a big belly then. With cute sweetheart strapless neckline, deep purple feathers are arranged in asymmetric line over the chest to the back. The feather touch seems creative enough as dress embellishment. Another beautiful detail found on this dress is a long sash which has a main function as train on the back side of gown. This chiffon long sash gives such a different nuance on your prom dress appearance since you looked as like a Superman with that. Fortunately, the sash train has a special meaning for the Grecian style dress at the same time.

Long Grecian Prom Dresses Online

Long Grecian Prom Dresses Images

If most long Grecian prom dresses come in white or soft color, this time, it appears in black satin. The satin is perfect for night party concept, because it has glossy texture to bright your black gown properly. This black dress doesn’t involve any embellishment. It only represents an original Grecian dress concept with one shoulder sash and ruffle detail on the hips and chest.

Long Grecian Prom Dresses Red

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