Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Tomboy Girl

Short Hairstyles with Bangs 2013

Ideally, every woman is always beautiful whatever they look like. In fact, some women prefer to appear as like men. It doesn’t mean that they look completely like men. Some women only love men’s character which is simple and modest. No wonder that women love to imitate the way of most men dressing including their short hairstyle. Well, although short ... Read More »

Greek Goddess Hair Ideas for Formal Occasion

Greek Goddess Hair 2013

Greek goddess dresses have become very popular among women in the world. It is proved by many celebrities who wear this beautiful Greek dress in some prestigious events such as Movie or Music Award. Wearing the Green goddess gown in this formal occasion is not complete without applying Greek goddess hair ideas. In this case, the Goddess hairstyle is intentionally ... Read More »

Medium Short Hair Curled for Chic Ladies

Medium Short Hair Curled 2013

Have you ever seen afro hairstyle? Afro hairstyle is very popular within 1970-1990. Mostly, only African American men and women wear this afro hairstyle. It is because they have original hair type which is curly and thick to make the afro hairstyle. Currently, many white people love the afro hairstyle so much. Although their hair doesn’t support it, some modifications ... Read More »

Curly Updos for Black Women in Casual Look

Curly Updos for Black Women Designs

Updo hairstyle is not always identical with bun. Bun may be one of some hairstyle models which are commonly applied on updo hairstyle. In fact, there are still many hairstyle models which are able to apply on the updo hairstyle such as braid and ponytail. Today, we are going to discuss about curly updos for black women in casual fashion ... Read More »

Bob Haircuts Tapered Back Ideas a La Celebrities

Bob Haircut Tapered Back Designs

Celebrity always becomes a fashion icon in the world no matter what. No wonder that many fashion designers try their best to ask a famous celebrity to buy their clothes for this free advertisement necessity. If a celebrity has worn branded apparel, the fashion brand will be as popular as the celebrity soon. It is just like hairstyle. When some ... Read More »

Black Wedding Hairstyles for Exotic Women

Black Wedding Hairstyles 2013

Talking about hair and skin tone, black seems always become an exotic color for both hair and skin tone of women or men. This darker tone is usually identical with exotic atmosphere with no specific reason to explain it. Therefore, in this wedding hairstyle topic, black wedding hairstyles are available to consider. Of course it is better to have your ... Read More »

Hairstyles for Thin Hair Ideas to Inspire Us

Hairstyles for Thin Hair 2013

Having thin hair no matter what the hair type may be something that should be glad for. Thin hair is actually cute and easier to maintain than thicker hair. It is because you only have to ensure it clean and neat to keep it smooth and healthy. Thinner hair also doesn’t require much special treatment that usually contains of chemical ... Read More »

Country Themed Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses in Custom Styles

Country Themed Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses 2013

After selected some ladies to be your honorable bridesmaids, it is a right time to find the best bridesmaid dresses for them. Of course the bridesmaid dresses must be matching with your wedding theme. It is crucial to ensure your wedding decoration stunning and memorable for everyone. In this spring and summer season, country theme wedding bridesmaid dresses seem to ... Read More »

Country Chic Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Inspiration for You

Country Chic Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses 2013

Throwing a wedding party in countryside is a kind of good idea to consider. Countryside is a good destination where we can find farming field, old warehouse, house barn, green scenery and fresh air. It can be said that an outdoor wedding is the best bridal idea in countryside area. In this case, choosing right country chic wedding bridesmaid dresses ... Read More »

Rustic Country Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Design Ideas

Rustic Country Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses 2013

Six, eight, nine or ten bridesmaids seem enough to accompany you standing in the altar during the wedding procession. As a good bride, it is a great action to ensure their appearance during the wedding. In the other words, we should spend more money to facilitate them with a set of bridesmaid dress, shoes, hairstyle, and makeup service for each ... Read More »