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Light Blue Prom Dress Long Collection to Attract Your Eyes

Main point in designing a dress for prom night party is the ability to apply a strong color on the entire dress. Thus, as the result, the dress will look so eye-catching to attract much attention from people surrounding the wearer. Generally, the prom dresses definitely only come in very bright color. So, we should also choose a dress which is designed personalized to match your body shape and it must be so strong in color. One of some light blue prom dress long collections given below seems very exiting to be your beautiful prom night gown.

Light Blue Prom Dress Long 2013

Light blue or also known as baby blue is a kind of blue color that is calm and soft. This light color is compatible to reflect the young character of the wearer. The light blue tone of the dress is very pretty especially in the dark under the dancing light. To make this calm light blue prom dress long stunning at night, we suggest you to apply some sparkling embellishments on it. As like what we can see from the picture, the light blue prom dress long looks amazing with blue and silver glitter attached on the chest area. This dress uses baby blue tulle fabric to cover its ball gown skirt. The strapless sweetheart neckline cut application even gives a Princess look atmosphere on your prom dress. To match the blue and silver glitter sequins, a cute medium baby blue tulle flower with metallic hardware is installed on the left side of the waist. This flower corsage is certainly simple as the dress ornament. And it extremely works effectively on it.

Light Blue Prom Dress Long Designs

Light Blue Prom Dress Long Images

Another light blue prom dress long is made of baby blue crepe satin. This dress is basically designed in mermaid cut with drop waist line. One shoulder strap warps one of your shoulders elegantly. This strap cut is suitable to hide your wide shoulder and big shoulders. As a sexy satin prom long dress, this gown has luxurious pleated details on the entire parts. And to make this gown more glorious and exclusive, two pieces of metallic ornament with complicated shape are attached on the dress. A small ornament is located under the one shoulder strap, whereas a bigger one is located on the left side of your thigh area or under the drop waist cut.

Light Blue Prom Dress Long Option

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