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Navy Blue Long Prom Dresses in Action

Navy blue is outstanding as the darkest blue color level. Well, this blue color scheme is certainly identical in dark. In the other word, this dark blue scheme is known as elegant blue scheme. It is believed as a color which can reflect such glory and luxury impression of people especially women who are wearing it. Navy blue long prom dresses may be a good way to show your elegance easily at a prom night party. Basically, the scheme of navy blue is certainly ordinary than other vibrant or lighter colored dress. Fortunately, wearing darker prom dress is even able to create a luxury aura surrounding you. And it will be more wonderful if the dress is designed in appropriate design.

Navy Blue Long Prom Dresses 2013

Some navy blue long prom dresses are too glorious to leave. It is true that it appears in various models and concepts. However, we should choose the best one to match our shape and budget indeed. Let’s check some fashionable design collection of the navy blue dresses here. The first long prom dress comes with Grecian dress style. It applies floor-length cu to contrast the sleeveless cut on the top part of gown. One shoulder neckline seems adorable on this Grecian navy blue prom dress. To reflect much Greek detail on this dress, sheath dress cut is supported by fit waist line. Some silver embroidery details are attached on certain locations of dress such as top of shoulder strap and waist. There is no belt located surrounding the fit waist. There is only a horizontal oval pattern which is covered by the silver patterned embroidery. This oval pattern looks very cozy as a single ornament of dress. And we can say that it may be a great focal point of the navy blue long dress for prom.

Navy Blue Long Prom Dresses Ideas

Navy Blue Long Prom Dresses Designs

Another navy blue prom dress appears in the same length as the Grecian style dress above. This time, this floor-length gown is available in A-line dress cut with high cut line to show your fair leg. The best point found in the next navy blue long prom dresses is innovative open back detail. There are some straps which are intentionally arranged to cross each other over your back. And the edge of this open back area is framed by silver sequins.

Navy Blue Long Prom Dresses Styles

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