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Silver Bridesmaid Dresses Inspiration for the Future

Silver is well-known as a symbol of future color. This futuristic color is usually identical with metal. That is just in certain fields like home design. Silver in fashion comes in quite different look. Metallic silver scheme is made of special fabric namely vinyl. Nowadays, there are also some metallic ornaments like sequins and glitter which are available in silver scheme. Silver bridesmaid dresses collection may be smart choice to cover your futuristic bridal style. Of course the futuristic style is only the bridal concept, not the scenery. We actually can still throw the wedding traditionally with the silver dresses concept for the bridesmaid. It is up to you after all.

Silver Bridesmaid Dresses 2013

For your marriage inspiration, some silver bridesmaid dresses in several pictures here display different appearance concept to support your futuristic wedding moment. Let’s see the first picture. In the picture, we can see a beautiful bride in white mermaid wedding gown with her three bridesmaids standing next to her. The mermaid marriage dress is very long with cute brush train. It is definitely different from the third silver bridesmaid gowns. Those third bridesmaid dresses are in knee-length dress cut. Furthermore, those bridesmaid gowns are in silver or metallic grey scheme. Although the wedding and the bridesmaid dresses are different in length and color scheme, both dress types look very elegant naturally. The crucial thing which is applied on the bridesmaid dress is its balloon skirt. This short A-line dress for bridesmaid applies balloon dress cut to make it flare stylishly. Basically, the dresses are very simple with fit waist line mode. And spaghetti straps look very ordinary to keep the gown hanging properly on your bridesmaids’ shoulders.

Silver Bridesmaid Dresses under 50

Silver Bridesmaid Dresses UK

Another idea of spring silver bridesmaid dresses is very exiting. Uniform concept is selected to make all bridesmaids look similar to each other. The only thing that makes them different is the dress neckline. Well, every silver dress specifically applies different color accent on the neckline and spaghetti straps. There are four color options here such as pink, orange, green and yellow. With equal concept, every bridesmaid wears a pair of flip flop with the same color as like the dress neckline.

Silver Bridesmaid Dresses under 100

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