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Black and White Wedding Bands Glorious Collections

Promise ring definitely must be more special than other rings in your life. This special ring is completely designed to express your deep love feeling indeed. Black and white wedding bands collection is expected to make your wedding moment special. Furthermore, the black and white ring is specifically made as a couple rings set. Thus, both rings must be glorious and romantic for your wedding moment. Let’s see some pictures of the black and white rings for wedding below.

Black and White Wedding Bands for Cheap

The first picture shows us a couple white and black wedding bands set. Both bands are made of white gold with diamond grains installed surrounding the band. The ring for women is designed with white diamond grains, whereas the ring for men applies black diamond grains to decorate it. That’s why this couple rings set is called as white and black wedding rings set. There is also simple men wedding band in black and white tone. To create the black and white accent, this ring combines black titanium and silver as main material. The silver brings futuristic scent on this ring, while the black titanium brings much masculinity to reflect men’s typical character. For women, there are two options of black and white bridal ring models. And those ring models are displayed in some pictures here. The first ring model for women offers numerous grains of diamond to cover the entire surface of band. Black and white diamond grains are chosen to create the white and black tone of the ring.

Black and White Wedding Bands Images

Black and White Wedding Bands Ideas

The white diamond grains are arranged horizontally along the band to frame the black grains. Finally, three tiers of white-black-white diamond grains are installed on the ring. The second black and white wedding bands model for women is very unusual. The tier concept for the black and white tone application is similar with the first model of ring above. But this time, the women ring comes with wavy edge to beautify it. Unlike the first ring model above, this wavy ring arranges the diamond grains in black-white-black set. And another feature of this wavy black and white diamond ring is its flower shaped diamond arrangement.

Black and White Wedding Bands Patterns

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