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Black Wedding Bands from Tungsten Collection

Besides Tiffany, Tungsten is a popular wedding ring provider which is trusted to design so many wedding bands for men in gorgeous design and style. Black wedding bands are just some adorable collections from Tungsten that should be selected by you. As like the name, the wedding band is truly made of black gold and metal so that it looks very dark. Talking about men’s general character, strong and masculine certainly should be displayed through many things they wear including wedding ring. And at this rate, the black Tungsten ring may be a great choice to wear in a sacral ceremony like wedding.

Black Wedding Bands for Him and Her

To appear elegant, the black wedding bands by Tungsten don’t have to expensive and crowded with many ornaments. This time, Tungsten prefers to emphasize the meaning of masculine on the black wedding rings collection. Basically, Tungsten creates some rings with smooth black round band cut. In this case, there is no engraving applied along the band as decoration. To make the black ring elegant, Tungsten chooses a very small diamond grain to be a main ornament. This small diamond is typically installed inside the band so that the band with diamond will be still flat, if it is touched. In the other moment, Tungsten even doesn’t apply anything to beautify the black wedding ring. The ring appears modestly in plain concept. Fortunately, this kind of plain ring precisely gets more attentions from the grooms who love simplicity. That’s why wooden wedding band is created by Tungsten for this valuable project. The wooden band is painted in black to carry much masculine atmosphere. But you are not allowed to judge this simple look ring. It is because this wooden ring may be more expensive than diamond ring because of its design.

Black Wedding Bands with Diamonds

Black Wedding Bands for Women

Celtic wedding ring is another black wedding bands style created by Tungsten. In this opportunity, Tungsten applies traditional pattern a la Celtic along the black round band. The black ring is still made of black metal with lighter printed pattern installed on the external side. Chain pattern seems stylish to represent the Celtic concept on the ring.

Black Wedding Bands for Men

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