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Big Engagement Rings Design to Inspire You

Normally, as a human being, women want to show off whatever it is including their relationship with someone. This show time is commonly done by wearing a big promise band on their finger in order to people surrounding them realize it. Well, it doesn’t matter if you want like that since you are a famous person as like celebrity. Big engagement rings must be a good option to acknowledge your serious relationship level to friends and relatives surrounding you. The basic aspect which is identical with the big engagement band is its ornament stone size.

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It means the big engagement rings don’t always involve thicker round band as men’s ring look like. But this big ring actually only displays a bigger stone to make the ring eye catching on finger. The design of the big ring for engagement ring comes in various styles and shapes. And you are basically free in choosing one of right ring shape ideas to match your style. Therefore, we give you several options of big ornament stone shape styles on your big ring for engagement here. All engagement rings displayed and described here use diamond as the embellishment stone. The first big ring involves a big diamond stone which is designed in round shape. This ring is actually very simple in the design. As usual, the ring only consists of a slim round band made of white gold with plain texture on it. A big round diamond cut is the only thing which can attract people attention on it.

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This ordinary design concept of big ring is also applied on the second big ring for engagement. This time, the big engagement rings use square shaped diamond to stunning it. A slime ring round is not as plain as the previous diamond ring for engagement. It has little detail near the square diamond stone. Two smaller diamond grains are designed in rectangular shape to frame the big square diamond. Thus, we can say that this big ring has three diamonds attached as ring topping. Unfortunately, when we stare the ring from farther point of view, we will only see the big square diamond instead of staring it with the two other diamonds.

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