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Promise Rings for Couples in Very Romantic Designs

Meaning of promise rings may be different according to the giver and acceptor. Many dating couples buy the promise rings to tell their love feeling to each other. This promise ring can be worn as long as they are still on dating. But it doesn’t have deep feeling anymore when the wearers broke up. More serious relationship like marriage use promise rings for couples with similar purpose as before. Well, it is truly accepted that people use the promise ring to show their love to their couple simply. Most of them design the promise ring in various innovative ideas. And we will discover it soon from next paragraph below.

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There are some samples and ideas of promise rings for couples here. Every couple ring has their way to make each of you melting when you saw it. It is because the couple ring is purposely designed as romantic as possible. Let’s see the most unique ring model first. In a picture attached in this article, there is an attractive couple ring that is actually made for woman version. This ring is dominated by diamond grains. The tiny grains are spread on the ring until covering the entire of it including the band and ornament. The grains of diamond are installed on the ring surface as if they are eyes. Another unique touch applied on the ring is the method of how the ring band tips connected to each other. Unlike usual, each tip of the ring band is attached on the top and bottom of the ball ornament stone. Thus, curling or arc accent is displayed very crystal clearly on this couple ring for women.

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Some samples of promise rings for couples are more romantic since they were designed with similar concept. Colorful ornament stones are expected to be more attractive than usual. In a picture, we can see a ring that consists of red and purple gems with white diamond grains between them. Meanwhile, this ring also applies writing engraving detail of couple nicknames and phrase of love. According to this promise ring design, you must be able to imagine the ring design for men. It may be completely similar with the ring for women or even simpler without the colorful stones.

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