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Male Wedding Bands for Active Grooms

Men are generally famous with their macho and masculine character. Mostly, men are active people who always love freedom in their life. No wonder that this freedom atmosphere can be seen through their daily fashion style including accessory to support it. Male wedding bands are specifically made to match men’s nature character and personality. No wonder that the wedding ring looks very active and strong as men look like. Some active male bridal ring models are going to be described in this article. Let’s check them out in order to we can get the best ring for your wedding.

Male Wedding Bands Black

There are three simple male wedding bands for active grooms displayed in some pictures here. The third bands have equal design concept. Basically, the men ring is made with thicker and wider band than the women ring. The round band is made of a metal kind such as gold, titanium, platinum and silver. Sometimes, male wedding ring is also available in wood. It depends on your desire to choose the best material to match your budget and style. The ring band is divided into two sides, external and internal side. The internal side of band is completely circle with flat surface. This flat surface is functional to allow the ring suitable to wear on finger. The external side of the ring band has little curving accent on the surface. This arc accent is useful as decoration. Thus, the ring will look stylish though it is only designed simply with no embellishment.

Male Wedding Bands Platinum

Male Wedding Bands Gold

For active groom, this kind of male wedding bands is enough. Even we don’t have to add any detail to stunning the metallic ring. But if you really want it, combining metallic black and silver tone on the external side of ring band is pretty effective to make the ring eye catching. Some designers even apply unique engraving along the exterior side of the ring band. A picture displays a simple white gold ring with Irish crown heart engraving for adorable active male bridal ring innovation. In general, the engraving is installed inside the band surface. Thus, the ring external side has tough texture because of the engraving application.

Male Wedding Bands Titanium

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