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Round Wedding Rings Ideas with Doughnut Pattern

Round wedding rings are very traditional as promise ring idea. The round shaped diamond looks simple and vintage. Although the diamond shape is simple with its round shape cut, some innovations are applied to make the ring more elegant and stylish. There are four samples of the round shaped diamond ring displayed in this article. One of them is very chic with doughnut pattern applied on the ring ornament. Let’s discover the detail of it below.

Round Wedding Rings for Women

Anyway, the basic shape of every ring in the world is like a doughnut. Of course, this kind of doughnut can not be eaten since it was made of metal. The round wedding rings with doughnut pattern idea offer different diamond arrangement concept to consider. Basically, this bridal ring is made of white gold with double band style. Well, two slim bands are specifically attached together as a unit. But the double band concept is displayed clearly, because only the back parts of double bands are connected. Thus, we can see as if both bands don’t connect to each other only from the front side. See the picture of it for better imagination. It may perfectly help you to understand this description indeed. Once the bands have been divided into two parts, both parts apply different detail to make the ring glamor. The top part of band is decorated by three big round doughnut shaped stones. Those third doughnut stones are connected to each other. Bigger doughnut round contains of tiny diamond grains. And then smaller doughnut round on the middle contains of bigger diamond stone in round cut.

Round Wedding Rings Images

Round Wedding Rings Ideas

The second part of the double band is located under the band with three doughnut ornaments. This second band is simpler without big ornaments as like the first band above it. Some tiny grains of diamond are arranged along the band to decorate it. And in fact, this decoration method is very effective in giving sparkling effect on the diamond round wedding rings. Other wedding rings with round diamond cut are also displayed in some pictures attached in this article. Most of them are designed modestly with a big round diamond on a beautiful platform.

Round Wedding Rings Styles

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