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Green Lantern Wedding Ring with Modern Innovations

Green Lantern is known as a superhero who always wears a powerful ring as his secret weapon. This secret weapon ring becomes so famous among the society that many people wear it for some special moments in their life such as engagement and marriage. In the previous article, we have described the Green Lantern ring with its popular superhero logo. Nowadays, the concept of Green Lantern on the wedding ring is quite different from its usual superhero concept. Current Green Lantern wedding ring is more innovative with some modifications. The modification touch is actually used to distinguish the old and modern Green Lantern ring models for your bridal. Do you feel so curious about them? Let’s check some of them below.

Green Lantern Wedding Ring for Sale

Two Green Lantern wedding ring models showed in the pictures still apply old concept of superhero ring. Both rings involve the superhero logo of the Green Lantern on the topping. The first Green Lantern ring is designed with much masculine detail on it. The ring band is thicker with strong and tough texture on it. In addition, there is material combination which is applied to stunning this wedding ring. Another modification idea installed on this wedding ring is a special green stone which can glow in the dark. The green stone is made as like a ball. And it is placed on the middle part of the Green Lantern logo as usual. The second old style Green Lantern ring is simpler than the first. It has slimmer metallic band with Green Lantern logo on the top.

Green Lantern Wedding Ring Styles

Green Lantern Wedding Ring Images

More modern modification is applied on the Green Lantern wedding ring. Camo Green Lantern ring is one of that modern and attractive modification idea. This contemporary Green Lantern band is like usual camo ring with army motif on the exterior side of band. The mossy green scheme on the camo looks glowing in the dark. That’s why it is called as modern Green Lantern ring for bridal. The last ring but not the least is a white gold ring with three square emerald stones. This gold ring is very cozy with tiered detail on the ring band.

Green Lantern Wedding Ring Ideas

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