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Green Lantern Men’s Wedding Ring Models for Gentlemen

Something about men that should be known is the way of how they choose a right model for their wedding. Well, in general, men always follow their women’s desire no matter what it is about. And in this case, that desire includes the selection of the wedding ring. Most men prefer to match their women’s ring design first and then choosing the simpler one. But this classic method has been long left by some men currently. They prefer to express their feeling and desire by wearing a ring with specific design. Green lantern men’s wedding ring is one of what they desire for.

Green Lantern Mens Wedding Ring 2013

Green Lantern seems well-known as a super hero who always wears a glowing ring on his finger. This green lantern ring is actually functional as a weapon. The unique feature of this green lantern ring is its green stone which is typically able to glow in the dark. That’s why this superhero ring becomes very popular among the fans and even gentlemen around us. Some of them even want to wear the same ring model as like Green Lantern in their wedding. However, the Green Lantern men’s wedding ring model is definitely adorable and stunning. Although most of it comes in equal shape and design, many men always love to show it off in front of their friends during the wedding party. Let’s see the basic model of the Green Lantern ring in some pictures here. Based on some pictures in the article, there are three Green Lantern rings with the same models but different color scheme. They are in white, deep green and metallic silver.

  Green Lantern Mens Wedding Ring Images

Green Lantern Mens Wedding Ring Photos

The third Green Lantern men’s wedding ring models have the same design. They are made with thick round band with a symbol of Green Lantern detail on the topping. They all have a big round green emerald stone which can glow in the dark. In general, the detail of the ring is very simple actually. There is a simpler Green Lantern which applies camo style. As like usual, the camo green has glow-in-the-dark feature to represent the typical feature of the Green Lantern ring for men.

Green Lantern Mens Wedding Ring Ideas

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