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Pink Camouflage Engagement Rings for Romantic Couples

Camo ring seems gorgeous and unusual to use as love promise symbol in engagement and marriage. Basically, the camo ring only applies camouflage pattern which is commonly identical with army style. It is because the camo ring concept is related to the nature look. And this nature look can be gotten clearly from the army clothing pattern namely camo or camouflage motif. Mostly, a standard camo motif comes in mossy green, brown and black scheme. Although the variety of the color is only fewer than other motif types, camo still becomes number one option for people who love natural and wild scent. Lately, camo appears in many color options including pink. Well, pink camouflage engagement rings seem suitable for romantic couple promise rings.

Pink Camouflage Engagement Rings 2013

The application of pink scheme truthfully doesn’t influence quality design of the camouflage ring. The camouflage motif is still dominated by mossy accent such as dark brown, green and black. The difference is only found on some parts of the ring where pink color is attached. By the way, talking about camo pattern and color combination, the motif basically combines some dark and light colors randomly. In the result, a complicated motif type of camo is created. Sometimes, we even can not find the basic pattern of the camo motif. Do you get it? Well, in Polka Dot motif, we always can find some circle patterns arranged in order to form the motif. This concept is also found in the camo, but finally we can not discover the basic pattern of the camo motif. Currently, some camo ring designers have been so creative. They apply a specific pattern inside the camo motif as if it is an art displayed on the ring. And we can see it on some pictures of the pink camo engagement rings here.

Pink Camouflage Engagement Rings Styles

Pink Camouflage Engagement Rings Samples

Generally, the pink camo engagement rings apply pink as the background ring color. And then darker accent like brown and mossy green are combined to form some dry leaves and branches on the pink background. The pattern of leaves and branches is very crystal clear complete with the bold edge. Thus, we can see the whole painting of the unique pink camo motif from the ring.

Pink Camouflage Engagement Rings Images

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