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Matching Promise Rings for Groom and Bride

Love is a deep strange feeling in our heart and mind which usually can not be expressed by words. It is only able to felt by the couple itself. No wonder that expressing your love is a simple matter which is very difficult to do. Matching promise rings are specifically designed to help you expressing your love feeling to your beloved partner in wedding indeed. Nowadays, when we visited a ring store, there will be some rings collection in couple set. Every ring set has been purposely designed with detail and concept to match each other. Therefore, the ring must be matching to each other. Now, it is time for you to choose the best model of couple ring according to your style and budget.

Matching Promise Rings Cheap

The matching promise rings are usually designed similar to each other. It is because both rings are intentionally created to represent the groom and bride’s characteristic. For the groom, the ring must be simple and masculine. For the bride, the ring must be cute and feminine. The design concept of the matching wedding ring is usually divided into several types. The first type of ring involves simple detail to represent the masculinity and feminism on both rings. The simple detail may involve writing detail or ornament. The second and third types of matching ring involve color and even complicated design to increase its quality and price. Let’s discuss the simplest type of matching ring only. For better description, some pictures are uploaded to give more detail about the matching couple ring models.

Matching Promise Rings for Him and Her

Matching Promise Rings for Couples

The coziest one is found in a picture. It is a set of couple matching promise rings which have a horizontal heart shaped line as a focal point. The basic concept of matching ring is that both rings are connected by that heart line. When both groom and bride’s rings are placed close to each other, a full heart line in black and yellow gold is displayed. When the rings are separated away, a half heart line decorates each of rings elegantly. Besides the gold heart line, there are some words to express the groom and bride love. The word “Real” and “Love” are placed on both right and left sides of the heart line of the rings.

Matching Promise Rings for Men and Women

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