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Tiffany’s Engagement Side Stone Trends on Rings

Tiffany still becomes the most favorite rings provider which always offers numerous new ring trends every year in the world. Tiffany also always stays qualified for all items sold in its stores. After many rings collection discussed in the previous articles, Tiffany comes with different detail concept on its rings collection trend. Tiffany’s engagement side stone trends are the current trend idea which applied on contemporary rings collection. The application of side stone is actually not a new method in making chic ring for engagement. Fortunately, Tiffany can give new innovation in the way of how the side stone is incorporated on the rings collection.

Tiffany Engagement Side Stone for Women

The first Tiffany’s engagement side stone ring combines two precious stone types as ring embellishment. The combination of white diamond and sapphire gives such expensive and exclusive impression for the wearer and people who stare it eventually. The blue scheme of sapphire looks deep and cool. It reflects the glory and wealth of someone who is wearing it. Diamond is quite outstanding no matter what the shape and size it is. It comes with sparkling power which can make people adore it so much. In addition, diamond is very not affordable. Thus, it is only few people only who can have it as well as the blue sapphire. White gold is utilized as neutral material between the diamond and sapphire. This gold type is used to cover the whole ring band surface. On the platform part, this gold ring involves twelve prongs to grab the stones. Four prongs are installed to grab a stone. Finally, the stones are arranged orderly with diamond placed between the smaller sapphires.

Tiffany Engagement Side Stone Images

Tiffany Engagement Side Stone Options

The next Tiffany’s engagement side stone rings have diamond as the ornament instead of sapphire. Those rings use diamond stones in different size and shape to combine as the ring embellishment. As usual, the diamond appears in different cuts. And the diamond placed on the middle part of topping typically applies Princess, pillow, square and Marquise cut. In fact, those diamond cuts create equal effect on your appearance in the engagement party. One thing which is commonly influenced the quality of those diamond cuts is size of it. The bigger size we set on the diamond, the bigger price we should bear for the diamond ring.

Tiffany Engagement Side Stone Ideas

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