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Wetlands Camo Wedding Rings in Sweet Couple Set

Finding a right partner for the rest of your life seems something pleasant to celebrate in a sacral wedding procession. In this special unforgettable moment, Wetlands camo wedding rings may give deeper meaning for both of you. The application of camouflage motif on the ring is extremely unusual. And this concept can be used as the best bridal ring design concept ever. At this rate, we can trust Wetlands camo ring collection to complete your memorable wedding ceremony.

Wetlands Camo Wedding Rings 2013

Well, Wetlands is not a jewelry company actually. Wetlands are well-known as an area in certain part of world which is usually full of water either seasonally or permanently. In this case, the Wetlands camo wedding rings are specifically designed following the appearance of this wet area. It means the Wetlands camo ring will be dominated in mossy green or brown camo color scheme. Let’s see some samples of it in several pictures here. Four pictures show us the Wetlands camo patterned bridal ring collection in couple set. The first couple camo ring comes in mossy green with a big Princess shaped diamond as ornament. The mossy green concept is displayed crystal clearly by its motifs. Thicker band concept is applied on this ring to show more camouflage motif details. Four white gold prongs look tidy wrapping this Princess cut diamond as if it is a hand which is grabbing a precious thing. On the internal side of the ring band, “I Love You” sentence reflects the groom’s feeling to his bride.

Wetlands Camo Wedding Rings Images

Wetlands Camo Wedding Rings Options

Second couple Wetlands camo wedding rings set comes in dark mossy brown scheme. Both rings have similar concept or diamond grains line in horizontal set as ornament. But the female ring is intentionally designed with more ornaments than the male ring. An application of Princess cut diamond with yellow accent seems enough to represent the glory of this couple ring. If you want simpler Wetlands camo ring, pinky and mossy green band with no ornament look modest and stylish in purpose. Don’t worry about the prices because simpler camo ring will be cheaper than the complicated one. And it is only you who can decide it through your budget.

Wetlands Camo Wedding Rings for Sale

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