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Camo Promise Rings in Great Options of Detail

Do you know camouflage concept? Well, this unique pattern concept is usually utilized in fashion field such as clothing and jewelry. Today, we are going to discuss this unique concept on jewelry collection especially ring for engagement and wedding. In general, camo or camouflage pattern is made to disguise something behind nature. This camo motif commonly involves some nature patterns including leaves, soil, branches and sometimes complicated or unclear pattern in random style. The camouflage pattern is usually dominated by brown, black and grey scheme. In fact, these color schemes are very suitable to reflect the nature in autumn with so many fallen leaves spreading on the ground. That’s why universally, the camo motif is used to make clothing and something which is related to the nature such as military uniform, hunter clothes and even camo promise rings for army wedding style.

Camo Promise Rings for Couples

Mostly, engagement and bridal rings in camo pattern concept are designed modest. Unlike usual diamond bands, the camo promise rings focus only in displaying its camouflage motifs. Thus, it is not an unusual idea when we saw it without precious stone as ornament. Besides no ornament as usual, the camo rings typically don’t apply carving detail along the round band surface. It comes naturally with various color concepts of the camouflage scheme as desire. It means it is very easy to make the camo ring adorable for your love vows by choosing right color of the camo motif such as black and white, mossy green, orange autumn or pink.

Camo Promise Rings for Him

Camo Promise Rings for Her

Ornament seems very significant for some people though it is set in small quantity and size than usual. Well, the camo promise rings are actually also suitable with the ornament. Diamond is the most favorite precious stone which is commonly applied as the ring ornament. The diamond is commonly set in round or simple grain shape ornament. And it commonly appears smaller or tinier size to emphasize the camouflage motifs on the ring. For women ring, a diamond grain in medium size is enough to set as ornament, while diamond grains arrangement in horizontal line is quite masculine for men ring.

Camo Promise Rings for Girls

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