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Hottest Engagement Rings 2013 with Valuable Stone

Browsing some jewelry centers in downtown is able to be a good solution in finding the hottest engagement rings 2013 ever. Numerous options of ring design are very attractive to consider. However, we should still select them gently according to our budget. Hottest engagement ring may appear in fabulous and adorable concepts depending on the latest trend of jewelry. These concepts of engagement ring design are typically influenced by some aspects such as material, precious stone attachment and detail.

Hottest Engagement Rings 2013 for Women

Some pictures are displayed in this article purposely to give us inspiration regarding to the hottest engagement rings 2013 with precious stone as ornament. Let’s see the first picture. This ring for engagement is very irresistible with its big ornament. The ornament of this vintage ring is intentionally designed in round shape though it is formed by the arrangement of several valuable stones including diamond and sapphire. The ring band is actually made thinner than usual old fashioned ring. With bigger ornament concept, this cozy engagement ring looks classier than you can expect. Well, the application of ring ornament involves some small round shaped diamond grains and a bigger blue sapphire. Basically, the sapphire is placed in the middle of diamonds arrangement just as like Daisy flower. Two more grains of diamond are added to start the ring band near the big flower ornament. White gold is purposely utilized to cover the band with little accent of yellow gold wrapping it.

Hottest Engagement Rings 2013 Images

Hottest Engagement Rings 2013 Ideas

Another hottest engagement rings 2013 collection incorporates a big rectangular shaped emerald as the ornament. This ring is very special and exclusive indeed. White gold ring band is quite thin to hold that very big emerald stone. The glowing stone looks chic with some tiny diamond grains covering the topper part of ring band near it. Eight prongs are set to wrap every corner of the emerald so that it stays in appropriate place on the ring. There is another modest engagement ring in yellow gold and thin ring band. The ring band is designed elegantly with curling accent. The curling accent is perfectly applied to decorate a small round diamond as the ornament.

Hottest Engagement Rings 2013 Styles

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