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White Gold Wedding Rings for Women and Men

White gold wedding rings for women and men are well-known with its compatible scheme for any skin tone. This metal type has similar quality as the yellow one, but it has classier look than its yellow competitor. Well, talking about men and women rings for bridal moment, there are some aspects that must be learned before choosing the best ring as your desire. Women ring is typically identical with sweet and beautiful accent. These accents are typically symbolized by the application of big diamond as the ring topper. Unlike the women ring, men ring is extremely simpler only with a single thicker band and few details. For more safety option, choosing a set of couple ring is suggested.

White Gold Wedding Rings for Women Cheap

The white gold wedding rings for women come in numerous design concepts. To follow the latest ring trend, let’s find the best ring for you in some pictures above and below. In general, most women love beauty in almost all shapes such as flower, artistic or abstract pattern and many more. That’s why we can use one of those beautiful patterns to decorate the white gold bridal ring for women as like a white gold ring in a picture. This white gold ring is designed with single band. The ring band external side is decorated by two diamond lines arrangement. As topper or ring ornament, three flower shapes diamonds are arranged horizontally. Some tiny gold prongs are arranged surrounding the diamonds to keep them in appropriate position. To add more elegant accent onto this feminine white gold ring, chain detail is applied under the flower diamonds arrangement as platform. The chain detail certainly will not be seen clearly, but we can still see the chain edge under and top of the diamonds set well.

White Gold Wedding Rings for Women with Diamonds

White Gold Wedding Rings for Women Pictures

A couple of white gold wedding rings for women and men are more ordinary than some rings in the pictures. These couple rings are made with no diamond or other precious stone as ornament. Detail on the ring surface looks more crucial on it. However, the detail is actually very unique applied on both men and women gold rings. The detail is not carved along the band. It is just like rough tiles installed randomly along the band to give texture.

White Gold Wedding Rings for Women UK

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