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Best Engagement Ring Designs 2013 to Select

Numerous rings are designed for engagement and bridal. As like standard jewelry, the rings must be designed as stunning as possible to attract much attention from you and people surrounding you physically. From those so many rings, there must be the best engagement ring designs 2013 to select. And it is only us who can assess one of those rings as a ring the best design ever. It is because all rings must be wonderful differently. No matter what the reason, we have to choose the best one for our wedding. Thus, we give you several options of engagement rings collection in 2013 for your best ring inspiration.

Best Engagement Ring Designs 2013 Ideas

The first best engagement ring designs 2013 collection are made of yellow gold. All golden rings collection incorporate white diamond as ornament stone though they appear in different detail and shape. There are five engagement rings in different concept of design. But generally they have similar concept of stone application. Every golden ring has a big diamond in round, pillow or princess cut as main ornament. Three rings come in single band, while the two other come in double even triple bands concept. The application and arrangement of diamond is different from one to another. We can see that a single band ring has a big pillow shaped diamond and some grains arranged horizontally along the band next to the biggest one. The second gold ring offers large scale of diamond grains to cover the entire surface of the double bands as well as the golden ring with triple bands showed in the same picture.

Best Engagement Ring Designs 2013 Photos

Best Engagement Ring Designs 2013 Images

Another alternative idea of the best engagement ring design 2013 uses white gold as the basic material. This time, there are three samples of white gold ring pictures for your inspiration. All of them have single band to accommodate a big diamond as the main ornament. There is no diamond grain unlike the yellow golden ring. The focus point of those white gold engagement rings is only found on the diamond shape. No wonder that the diamond is formed in clearer shape such as Marquise cut or rhomboid, pillow and princess cut.

Best Engagement Ring Designs 2013 Styles

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