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Engagement Rings 2013 Trends in Glorious Styl

As like wedding band, engagement ring trends always change from generation to generation according to the development in fashion world. Of course the ring design in the past still influences the creation of newer rings collection in modern era. In the past, most rings are available in more glorious design, because it is not all people who have an opportunity to wear a great jewelry like ring on their finger. That’s why people used to prefer to display their wealth through anything they wear including the ring. No wonder that most old fashioned ring comes with huge ornament, extravagant carved detail and heavy material to describe their social class quality. Nowadays, wedding and engagement rings 2013 trends are extremely simpler than the old fashioned ring in the past. There are some aspects that usually considered by the designer while creating the new rings in 2013.

Engagement Rings 2013 Trends Designs

The first aspect is the fact that elegance can be taken from simpler design. In addition, modern people love economic and compact so much. Therefore, they prefer both concepts are applied on their engagement rings. Heavy material is not available in the engagement rings 2013 trends. Every ring no matter what the design concept is designed as light as possible in such a way. Modern ring design concept actually has a goal. The ring must be elegant in modest way. In this case, simplicity is number one in designing a modern engagement ring. For clearer description, let’s see some samples of engagement ring trend in 2013 displayed in some pictures here.

Engagement Rings 2013 Trends Images

Engagement Rings 2013 Trends Ideas

Many samples of the engagement rings 2013 trends apply Art Deco style. Art Deco style is a design idea which typically incorporates plant details such as flower, leaves and branches. Those plant details are specifically formed in carved detail to decorate the engagement and wedding ring. To emphasize the futuristic and creative scent, the Art Deco detail is not applied on the external side of band as usual. This carved detail even replaces the basic band of the ring so that we can wear carved ring with some holes and pores dues to the detail.

Engagement Rings 2013 Trends Options

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