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Marquise Solitaire Rings Features

Numerous kinds of rings sometimes make us confused in choosing a right ring model for certain reason like engagement, wedding or even daily appearance. Basically, ring comes with round band as its basic shape. This round base is typically decorated or completed by some details including carved detail and ornament application. And in this case, the application of those details actually influences the name of the ring model itself. For example, a ring with rhomboid shaped stone is called Marquise solitaire rings.

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Well, generally, the appearance of the Marquise solitaire rings is just similar with standard ring model with big stone as embellishment. The different feature which is commonly found on the Marquise ring is only the ornament stone shape. Marquise ring always applies rhomboid shaped ornament no matter what the kind of stone it is. The solitaire accent of the Marquise ring is also just like usual solitaire ring concept. There are two ideas of solitaire concept. The first idea of solitaire concept involves artistic pattern of carved detail along the exterior or interior side of the ring band. The second idea of solitaire concept allows any solitaire ring installing double bands. Anyway, both concepts of solitaire perhaps are applied on the Marquise solitaire band style though it is only placed on small part of the ring purposely. Some pictures in this article are intentionally given to be your inspiration in choosing the Marquise ring model with solitaire concept of detail.

Marquise Solitaire Rings Styles

Marquise Solitaire Rings Ideas

As like what we have discussed above, most Marquise solitaire rings must have a big ornament stone which is designed in rhomboid shape. No wonder that most Marquise rings in the picture have that though the rhomboid stone is arranged vertically or horizontally. Little solitaire accent is attached to make the ring stunning. It is applied on every side of the rhomboid stone on the ring topping. The solitaire detail may consist anything such as diamond grains, carved texture, unique platform shape and many more. In a picture, we can see a couple of Marquise solitaire band. Both rings use diamond as the ornament stone. But only the women ring which has a big rhomboid shaped diamond to reflect the feminism nuance on it.

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