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Unique Engagement Rings Antique to Impress You

Speaking of vintage or old fashioned ring, unique engagement rings antique can extremely impress you through its design ideas. As everybody knows, antique ring has quite different concept of design from modern ring no matter what the reason it is designed for. In general, the unique vintage ring is designed with huge platform where a big stone is installed on. The ring band may be as slim as usual, but it must still have bigger part on the topping area. Nowadays, modern innovation is applied on some vintage rings. This innovation of ring design causes several details application which are quite different from the original.

Unique Engagement Rings Antique 2013

There are two unique engagement rings antique displayed in some pictures here which have applied that modern innovation. The first unique engagement ring appears a couple ring set with white diamond grains as ornament on both groom and bride rings. The ring for the groom is designed simpler than the bride ring. It can be seen from pillow shaped pink diamond which is attached as embellishment on the bride ring. The application of the pink diamond is very contrast in size from the round band. It is because the band is so slim, if we compare it with the big pillow pink diamond size. In fact, the old fashioned ring typical concept is still applied on this ring despite its modern design. This vintage concept is also applied on the next simple ring. This time, we have a simple ring made of yellow gold with a big round white diamond attached as ornament. This simple ring doesn’t involve grains to decorate the ring band. As if we need it, actually the big round diamond has successfully covered your finger top part.

Unique Engagement Rings Antique Images

Unique Engagement Rings Antique Ideas

Another innovative design of the unique engagement rings antique is even able to impress you more. Basically, this white gold ring is very simple with single band cut. The most unique part found on this ring is its tiered diamond detail as the topping. There are some tiers starting from the biggest pillow shaped diamond as main ornament. And then it is followed by second tier with three smaller diamonds which is set each right and left side of the topping. Third and fourth tiers display fewer diamonds to finish this step topping style.

Unique Engagement Rings Antique Styles

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