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Green Amethyst Wedding Ring for Your Green Eyes Tone

Anyway, green amethyst wedding ring may be a great choice to emphasize your green eyes color perfectly. Well, the cooler accent on green ring scheme is very fresh and relaxing. In addition, the application of amethyst always offers greater impression from people surrounding you. The scheme of green amethyst looks very adorable and eye catching on your skinny finger. It specifically offers glowing accent under the light. In addition, this cool color scheme is very suitable with the cold atmosphere in winter. Therefore, we suggest you to wear the green amethyst ring for your winter bridal.

Green Amethyst Wedding Ring 2013

Well, there are four different models of the green amethyst wedding ring showed by this article. Two models of ring ate quite similar to each other. There is only little detail which makes both rings look different. Let’s start it from them first. The first green amethyst band for wedding is made of white gold, while another one is made of yellow gold. The concept of both gold amethyst rings is actually similar. Both rings are designed simply without any carved detail or additional ornament like diamond grains along the band. A big green amethyst stone seems enough to be main embellishment on both ring models. The first ring applies a round shaped green amethyst with sunburst detail surrounding the edge. This green amethyst stone is grabbed by four metal prongs to keep it installed well on the platform. Another ring has smoother round shaped green amethyst as the ornament stone. The round amethyst is designed elegantly with eight yellow gold prongs surrounding the edge. Besides those parts, both modest green amethyst rings for bridal are very similar.

Green Amethyst Wedding Ring Images

Green Amethyst Wedding Ring Cheap

Another two green amethyst wedding ring involves white diamond grains as additional embellishment besides the amethyst stone. Some differences are found to give you matters to consider. One of both rings has round shaped green amethyst as embellishment, while another one has oval shaped stone to compare with. The ring with round shaped amethyst arranges some tiny grains of diamond to frame the amethyst as well as the second ring. Both rings also use the grains of diamond to cover the band surrounding your finger. But the oval shaped green amethyst offers double line accent on the topping unlike the first ring.

Green Amethyst Wedding Ring Models

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