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Winter Wedding Ideas in Snowy White Style

Winter is truly able to be a perfect time to throw a romantic wedding with your beloved couple. Although the wedding procession can not be held outside like other seasonal wedding, you will perfectly still get a gorgeous bridal moment in your big day. Winter wedding ideas should be selected gently indeed. There are various ideas of winter bridal which can be picked. One of them is snowy white winter bridal style. As like its name, the winter bridal idea will be dominated in white scheme. It is cool, isn’t it? Well, let’s check it out below.

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Dress is a crucial item that must be prepared long time before the big day. It perhaps requires more than three months to make. If you want something practical regarding to the winter wedding dress, find the best one at house of the bride near your house. Budget is a basic thing which should be prepared for wedding. Everything related to the bridal will need much money including wedding venue rent cost, decoration, menu, gift for guests and relatives and many more. In the snowy white winter wedding ideas, tiered white cake must be available as desert. This cake will be a great decoration in the wedding venue. Of course it must be designed stylishly with topping which represents more snowy winter bridal theme. For example, we can put a big snow flower as the cake topping. We can also do the same things for the room decoration. Hang some big snow flowers on the ceiling to create the snowy wedding effect.

Winter Wedding Ideas DIY

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For simpler room decoration of the winter wedding ideas, why don’t we take some medium dry trees as indoor decoration? The trees should be cut in appropriate size in order to they are suitable for the room size. To create the snowy winter concept, we can use white paper to wrap the dry trees. Give tassel details on the paper to add more snowy accent fallen on the dry branches. Or we can replace the white paper with small white lanterns or stripe lights. Don’t forget to set the room lighting in the dim light concept. It is useful to bring much romantic accent into the wedding reception venue.

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