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Rustic Wedding Ideas in Traditional Country Concept

In this modern era, many options regarding to wedding precession are available to fill your mind. Every wedding idea may be so beautiful with various creative ideas supporting it. Contrast with anything in this modern era, country style becomes a favorite wedding party idea to choose. Rustic wedding ideas are definitely different from usual wedding party ideas in the city. This vintage country theme commonly brings so much traditional nuance through the decoration. In fact, many couples still adore this village nuance.

Rustic Wedding Ideas for Fall

No wonder that the rustic wedding ideas are selected for an outdoor bridal party theme. This time, we are going to discuss the rustic theme for the bridal ceremony with much traditional scent on the decoration. As usual, countryside becomes the best destination of wedding where we can get that much rustic and traditional atmosphere naturally. Nowadays, numerous places in the countryside are available to visit. Those places typically can be rented for moment like this. If you want more economical option in finding the best wedding destination, why don’t you use your grandmother’s house’s garden in the countryside to be the rustic bridal venue? Your grandma’s house must be quite old and vintage to be a good background. In addition, some trees with big stem are enough to make your rustic wedding old fashioned.

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Rustic Wedding Ideas for Spring

For food display, we can search for some tiered plates to place the cupcakes or deserts. The tiered plates must be full of wood accent though it is not made of the wood. The food itself can help us in bringing much rustic detail on the venue decoration. Thus, ensure to find some menu of food and beverage which can represent the countryside culture and nuance. For table centerpiece, flower may be a good choice to fragrant your wedding reception venue. But it is better to create more traditional and countryside nuance by placing a big dry branches as the guest’s table centerpiece. Don’t forget to add lamp stripes to bright the venue. We can install the light along the ceiling pole or even the centerpiece to get the rustic wedding ideas.

Rustic Wedding Ideas Photos

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