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Wedding Shower Ideas Outside in Purple Theme

Wedding shower ideas come in many unique details to consider. Many people commonly think about something simple yet interesting to make their bridal shower cheerful and fun. Well, many methods are available to choose actually including applying outdoor bridal shower concept. Indoor bridal shower may be the most economic idea in throwing a shower party. It is because we don’t require many items such as tables, chairs and decoration to fill the room. Unfortunately, it may be different with the outdoor party. Since the shower is held outside the house, we should think about the best venue where all guests can be involved.

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We also will need some additional exterior items and furniture such as chairs, tables, menu table, dance floor spot, more hanging decoration items and many more. To fulfill this, we should rent those items somewhere. And of course it requires much money to think about. But the outdoor wedding shower ideas are perfectly more memorable and fun than the indoor one. Well, nature becomes the main atmosphere which can be felt by all people at the party. It is true since the weather is good indeed. Anyway, to ease us in decorating the outdoor venue for the wedding shower, a specific theme is needed. The theme may be anything such as certain color, character, nuance or even season. Purple bridal shower is an elegant theme for the wedding shower party. This theme incorporates many levels of purple color to mix and match in the decoration.

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The purple wedding shower ideas theme usually covers the table’s guest arrangement, menu table, centerpiece and many decorative items installed surrounding the venue. For the outdoor bridal shower, some natural items should participate. Choose some kinds of purple flowers to be arranged and then placed as table’s guest centerpiece. We can also use the same flower to spread out along the aisle. Other decorative idea with the purple theme is banner. Banner is commonly used to complete the room or venue decoration. This banner consists of the newlyweds’ initials or names complete with their event name and date. Sometimes, banner is used to hide unpleasant scenery behind it from the guests.

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