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Wedding Reception Ideas in the Most Gorgeous Look

Commonly, after the wedding procession has done, wedding reception will be held as the next part of the ceremony. In this reception, the newlyweds will entertain all guests with many choices of menu, entertainment, new friends, dancing time and of course a good memory to remember. Unlike bridal shower, the wedding reception ideas are more formal with classy decoration and menu. All people who participate should wear formal attire whether they are women or men. And mostly, the reception of bridal is held in a special venue like a hotel hall, meeting room, restaurant or garden. The selection of destination for the bridal reception depends on your budget.

Wedding Reception Ideas Blue

Once the best venue for wedding reception has been booked, it is your time to decide the most gorgeous theme to beautify the venue. In this post, there are four wedding reception ideas to pick. Each idea has a color to dominate it such as blue, purple, pink and red. Let’s see the blue wedding reception theme in the picture. This reception of bridal is thrown indoor. Some big round tables are placed randomly for the guests. Each table accommodates six to eight people at the same time. To make the venue romantic in blue, some dim lights are installed to bright the room. Some blue LED lights are installed on the wall to create the blue scheme effect on the entire part of room. Although the lighting in the room is not too bright, the dim light application is still able to help you recognize things surrounding you.

Wedding Reception Ideas Purple

Wedding Reception Ideas for Summer

Another picture shows us the wedding reception ideas in red scheme. As like what we have found in the blue reception venue, this red bridal reception venue is also full of red. The dim red light with LED concept makes the room beautiful and romantic. The best item which can decorate the room perfectly is rose arrangement. The Roses may be found almost anywhere such as table centerpiece, every corner of the room and even on the ceiling. Unlike the blue wedding reception, the red reception decoration for bridal uses very long rectangular tables for the guests. The rectangular table can accommodate more people at the same time while maximizing the space of room.

Wedding Reception Ideas Red

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