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Bride Boho Hippy Chic Complements

Do you have a big plan to throw a bohemian wedding? Yeah, we may take a nice wedding venue in countryside to match the bohemian theme. And we can support this bridal theme by appearing in bride boho hippy chic style. Talking about the bohemian hippie bridal fashion style, there are several items that we have to prepare such as bridal dress, shoes, accessory and hairstyle. Those complements are a must in this boho wedding style. Now, we will discuss about those complements in this article simply.

Bride Boho Hippy Chic Accessory

First thing first, the bridal moment will not complete without a dress. For hippie or bohemian themed wedding, free styled wedding dress is preferable. In this case, the dress should be comfortable and chic with much vintage and country accent on it. We can wear a long straight loose dress with sheer skirt cut. Choosing empire waist dress style is okay. Mostly, the boho chic wedding gown usually has sleeves whether it is short or long. Semi transparent material like lace and sheer chiffon is usually utilized for the sleeves and neckline. Generally, the bride boho hippy chic dress doesn’t involve many ornaments. To give cute effect on the dress, usually most boho chic bridal dress designer only incorporates brass chain as a belt. That’s why the hippy wedding dress needs more accessories than ornament. Basically the bohemian and hippie style is associated with love and peace and nature. Therefore, the dress usually appears with many accessories such as necklace, ring and bracelet made of wood, linen and even real flowers.

Bride Boho Hippy Chic Dress

Bride Boho Hippy Chic Ideas

For the hairstyle, natural hairstyle is more suitable to match the bride boho hippy chic style. The natural hairstyle may appear stylishly in loose hair or bun. It depends on your hair length and desire. For better appearance, the bohemian hippie wedding should be supported by the application of flower crown. Yeah, the flower crown is very easy to make. We only have to use wire or rattan as basic frame. And then we can cover this frame with fake or real flowers as the crown finished. Four pictures are displayed with this article to inspire all of us.

Bride Boho Hippy Chic Pictures

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