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Beach Wedding Ideas in Paradise Island Concept

Summer can be a great time when we throw a wedding ceremony. And this summer wedding will not be memorable if it is not held in a right place. Beach wedding ideas may be the best theme to consider for summer bridal idea. Well, since the wedding theme is beach, the whole procession must be held at the beach. Thus, let’s find the beach which is clean and perhaps quiet enough to hold the sacral wedding ceremony. This time, we are going to discuss the beach bridal party idea in paradise island concept. This wedding theme is very exotic especially in this summer. Let’s check it out eventually then.

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The paradise island concept for the beach wedding ideas is quite unique. It involves creative style to make your sacral wedding vows more unforgettable. Of course we will start the discussion from some ideas of exotic wedding arc. Well, wedding arc is commonly needed as a place where both the bride and groom promise to each other as a wife and a husband. The concept of the wedding arc is very adorable in this paradise island style. Some of them are displayed in some pictures. A picture shows us an exotic wedding arc with rainbow scheme. Blue sea scenery becomes a natural big background for this rainbow wedding arc. Before you walk down to the arc, you have to pass your guests who are sitting on both right and left sides of aisle. Every guest chair uses white chair skirt with baby blue ribbon. Those skirted chairs are arranged tidily in such a way on both sides of aisle. To beautify the aisle, some exotic pink and yellow flowers are arranged as frame on both sides of aisle. And then the rest of yellow and pink flowers are spread along the aisle to the arc.

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Beach Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Besides the wedding arc concept, we should pay attention on the beach wedding ideas decoration. It is imperative to keep the wedding fun and elegant. Simple decoration is not a big problem to make your moment unforgettable. In paradise island concept, some simple items can be added to beautify the venue such as shells, wood, grass and flowers.

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